Nội dung Xemina khoa học bằng tiếng Anh - Lần 2 (tháng 5/2018) Báo cáo:Cô Trương Thị Thùy Liên


1. Reality

a. Outstanding results

- Regarding socio-economic infrastructure: The infrastructure system is built in a synchronous manner (transport, irrigation, schools, health centers, cultural and sport centers, villages, collection points garbage, ...) to meet the needs of society, production, people's life and spiritual life for people. 01 city (Thai Nguyen city) has been approved by the Prime Minister to complete the task of building new rural areas and it is expected that 12 communes will be recognized as new rural standards in 2017 (02 communes in comparison with the plan).

- In terms of economy and organization of production: Many cooperatives were established under the Cooperative Law in 2012 and performance was improved. The communes have had models of linking production with high economic efficiency and sustainability, forming the key products of the locality. Average income per capita has increased significantly, the rate of poor households has declined rapidly, especially in the standard communes in 2017.

- Culture, society and the environment: The movements of culture, arts, physical training and sports have been strengthened and the percentage of households and hamlets has reached the cultural criteria. The rural environment has been significantly improved, bringing into play the role of women in the campaign "5 no, 3 clean", animal husbandry and business establishments have committed to protect the environment, hygiene and safety food.

- On the political system, security and defense: To mobilize the entire political system to build new rural. The awareness of cadres and party members is clearly improved. Staff trained to meet the needs of socio-economic development in the new period, security and defense are maintained.

b. Limits

- The work of propagandizing and implementing the program in some localities has not been effective, the leadership and direction have not been decisive; a part of cadres, party members and people are still thinking of dependence.

- Some departments, departments have not actively researched, developed the plan, issued guiding documents, implemented in areas in charge.

- Some criteria have been achieved but not sustainable such as environment, income, security and order.

- The enterprises, cooperatives in the agricultural production are still small, small scale, low efficiency; There are not many models of large-scale production, link production associated with the consumption of agricultural products is limited, unsustainable.

2. Solutions to implementation

- Continue to define new rural construction as the central task, covering. Strengthening the leadership and direction of the Party committees, authorities, political organizations and mass organizations, especially the role and responsibility of the head. Branches and levels shall work out specific plans for each group of communes; Assignment of tasks to departments, organizations to help communes registered standards in 2018.

- Strengthening propaganda, raising awareness, self-consciousness, self-reliance of people, scaling up good practices or models. To effectively emulate "Thai Nguyen join forces to build new rural areas" and the campaign "All people unite to build new rural and civilized cities".

- To step up the socialization, maximize exploitation, integrate and efficiently use resources for investment in the construction of new rural areas; Priority should be given to the allocation of investment resources for essential infrastructure projects with low standards. Mobilizing enterprises, organizations and individuals to assist the "new rural communes" "," New rural model ". Continuing to implement the mechanism of state support materials and a part of funds, so that people build their own rural infrastructure.

- Promote economic development and production organization associated with agricultural restructuring; Development of link chain production models for key agricultural products of each region, ensuring sustainability. To promote the application of science and technology, especially the agricultural hi-tech models, clean agriculture and organic agriculture. To build and effectively implement the scheme on "One commune per product of Thai Nguyen province in the 2018-2020 period, with orientations to 2030".

- Strengthen cultural institutions, basically meet the cultural needs of rural people. Improve the quality of comprehensive education; To continue implementing effective measures to improve the rate and quality of trained labor. To pay attention to the quality of medical examination and treatment and the healthcare of the people.

- Organizing propaganda and raising awareness of environmental protection, guiding people to actively classify and treat garbage in households, and make the landscape of public works. To focus on waste, domestic wastewater, livestock waste, ....

- To continue performing the task of building residential areas and communes up to safety standards on social security and order and ensuring peace; To build up the militia force "strong and wide" and complete the national defense norms.

- To improve and raise the quality and effectiveness of the Steering Committees at all levels. To raise the quality of training and professional fostering for the contingent of new-level rural construction workers and cadres; to improve the quality of vocational training for rural workers in association with agricultural restructuring and the scheme for building new rural areas.

- Strengthen the inspection, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Program by the departments, branches and localities, focusing on the implementation of mechanisms, policies, mobilization and use. resources of the people, the quality of works, settlement of arrears in the capital construction, ...

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