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Solutions to improve the quality of

Ho Chi Minh's morality education for students nowadays


            Students are part of a youth, knowledgeable, young force who have an important role in the development of the country. In the context of market economy and international integration in Vietnam today, a large number of students show signs of moral degradation, lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to focus to moral education, especially Ho Chi Minh's morality education for students. This study aims to analyze solutions to improve the quality of Ho Chi Minh's morality education for students nowadays.

            Firstly, solutions to strengthen the leadership of the Communist Party, the management of the State and the task of Ho Chi Minh's morality education for students

            When living time, president Ho Chi Minh was very interested in educating the youth, students to become just "virtuous" and "talented". Nowadays, caring for youth and students requires the attention of all levels, branches and socio-political organizations, because it is both a goal and a motive force in the sustainable development of the country.

            Secondly, solutions to diversify the methods of propaganda and Ho Chi Minh's morality education into the students’ community

            Derived from the object of Ho Chi Minh's morality education is a student with a variety of occupational characteristics, psychological diversity requires the implementation of appropriate measures of flexibility. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify forms and methods of education in order to achieve high efficiency.

            In universitys, it is possible to carry out some of Ho Chi Minh's morality education methods for students such as Ho Chi Minh's ideological report and morality an example; Film screenings, photo exhibition and exhibits on president Ho Chi Minh; Organizing the examination on the morality of Ho Chi Minh; Organizing a competition to learn about Ho Chi Minh's life and career, the Ho Chi Minh’s ideology olympiad; Club activities; Visiting museums, historical monuments, places of Ho Chi Minh ... The method should be synchronized, appropriate.

            Third, solutions to enhance the role and responsibility of agencies and organizations in the school with regard to educating the Ho Chi Minh's morality for students.

            Each agency or organization has a particular role in educating the Ho Chi Minh’s morality for students to achieve effectiveness and practicalness. Therefore, the school should promote the leading role of the Youth Union and tightly coordinate between the Party Committee, the Board of Management and the faculties, the student Party cell and other organizations in the school. While educating the Ho Chi Minh’s morality, it is important to avoid the formality, overlapping, or general implementation.

            Fourth, solutions to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning the subjects Thoughts of Ho Chi Minh in schools

            Improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning the Thought of Ho Chi Minh playsan important role, that contributes to improve the effectiveness of Ho Chi Minh's morality education for students. This will enhancethe awareness of the Thoughts and Morality of Ho Chi Minh for teachers and students to help them understand the role and position of the subject. Simultaneously, this also contributes to foster the patriotism and  national pride, the scientific world view and revolutionary outlook, constructing and consolidating the students'truston the leadership of the Party, on the bright side of socialism; contributing to the training of a new socialist intelligentsia of our country, who are the future owners of the country, just "virtuous" and "talented".

            Fifth, solutions to improve the awareness of self-learning and following the Ho Chi Minh’s Morality of the students

            Self-educatingand self-training play an important role in the formation and development of human personality. Being aware of that importance and dialectically knowing the good and the bad side of people, Ho Chi Minh attaches a great importance to the combination of the progress of education and self-educating, self-training.

            In moral education, it is necessary to make students aware of the oriented viewpoints of Ho Chi Minh in self-educating and self-training. First, the most important thing is that the students must clearly specify the purpose of learning and build the right learning motivation. Next, they need to work by themselves to facilitate self-study. They also must have a plan and be persistence in implementing the plan and not discouraging, not stepping back from difficulties and challenges. They need to fully utilize every circumstance, every facility and method to self-study, to learn by doing. Simultaneously, in order to develop the consciousness and the ability to self-study, the teachers must promote the activeness and pro-activeness of the students in the teaching progress. Each teacher should be a bright example of self-education, self-training for students to follow.

            Sixth, through the typical factors to promote the moral education for students

            Ho Chi Minh has many viewpoints on the role of the method in exemplifying the typical factors in the education process. He said: "A living exemplary is worth more than hundred of propaganda speeches". Thereby, the typical factors will form the belief of the students about the rightness, practicality of studying and following the exemplary Thoughts and Morality of Ho Chi Minh. This creates the motivation for the student striving to train themselves following the typical factors that have been praised.

            Seventh, solutions to coordinate family, school, and society

            There are three main factors in educating the students, which are family, school and society. Ho Chi Minh pointed out that despite a great education in the school, the lack of family and society education will induce an incomplete result. Educating the Ho Chi Minh's Morality for students is a common responsibility of the family, school and society.

            To educate the Ho Chi Minh's Morality for students, it is not only to build a cultured, ethical school, but also to build a harmonious family and a good society. A harmonious family, a stable society, a strong the Youth Union at all levels, and school are the strong base to effectively contribute in training the generations of students have both "virtuous" and "talented", who always live, study and work following the great President Ho Chi Minh.

            Eight, solutions to improve the quality of inspecting, supervising and reviewing the Ho Chi Minh’s Morality education  for students

            The realities shows that any activity wants to achieve high efficiency, it is necessary to well implement the inspection and supervision. In Ho Chi Minh's Morality education for students, the inspection and supervision aims to handle the situation, to make timely proper adjustments, to promote effective activities, as well as draw lessons learned for other activities. Simultaneously, the inspection and supervision activities contribute to successfully implement of the guidelines, the path, and policies of the Party and the laws of the State related to the educating the students in general, and the Ho Chi Minh’s Morality education in particular. .

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